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writer / director / technical director

Impasse is an award winning animated short I was able to write and directed while studying at Media Design School, and produce alongside nine talented peers studying 3d Animation and Visual Effects. Student driven with zero budget, the film was developed from concept to completion in a twelve week timeline.


Inspired by 60's era western's, I set out to write a dual between two characters each wanting something from the other. Developing the concept and writing the initial draft, I was given the opportunity to direct the short when peers saw potential in the story.


The team all stepped up and took on many roles across the development process, to get the film completed within the tight timeline. Not only directing I was also involved in writing, managing, modelling, surfacing, dynamics, lighting, layout, editing, web development, graphic design and marketing. 


Having had the chance to direct the project with such a talented, passionate and dedicated team was a truly incredible experience. Many thanks and credit has to go the development team, Mike Livesay for delivering amazing sound design and Media Design School for the opportunity.

Director - James Hall
Producer - Scott Eburne
Technical Direction
James Aldous
Zachary Brake
Scott Eburne
Andrew McCosh
James Hall
Martin Hernblad
Glen Christie
Tom Chou
Jesse Meha
James Pollard
Sound Design
Mike Livesay
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